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    Issues covered under urban poverty include child care, nutrition and school enrolment with special focus on girl child. EFICOR also facilitates access to government schemes and entitlements at local level, formation and strengthening of Self Help Groups (SHG) and linkages with nationalized bank, access […] Read More

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    EFICOR has been working with the Government to bring about better health, hygiene and nutrition among children and mothers through Child Survival Projects (CSP). At present, EFICOR implements four Mother and Child Health projects in remote parts of Jharkhand ( Pakur district) and Madhya […] Read More

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    EFICOR helps rebuild lives of disaster affected communities in line with international humanitarian standards , i.e., Red Cross Code of Conduct, Sphere International and HAP Standards. EFICOR advocates on Right to Aid in Relief, at local, regional, national and international levels through various networks. […] Read More

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    EFICOR builds community based methods to address negative impacts of climate change and facilitates community based practices to respond and adapt to actual or potential impacts of climate change. EFICOR is also involved in advocating on the issues of Climate Change, focusing on mitigation […] Read More

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    EFICOR engages in Training and Capacity building to enhance knowledge and skills and to influence change in attitudes of individuals, organisations and communities. Read More

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    EFICOR provides career guidance, soft skills training, sector-specific training, placement Social support, security protection, entrepreneurship counselling, and self employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. EFICOR also links up with probable Employers to advise on workplace solutions, free training and placement of persons with disability […] Read More

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    EFICOR strengthens the capacities of the people affected by conflicts, work towards restoring peace and resolving conflicts and help communities to identify ways to promote social harmony and mend relationships. Read More

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    EFICOR assists in empowering vulnerable, tribal, rural and urban communities to meet their food needs and overcome injustice, restoring hope and dignity. EFICOR provides skills training to farmer groups to increase crop yield, which ensures sufficient food supply even in lean season and access […] Read More

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  • Sahyog

    After Independence  world got divided into 2 different worlds. One picked up the pace of change and one was left behind. One explored and one was tucked away in remote corners. But they connected because when one woke to a headline, the other was the headline! It’s weird how a community engaging in agriculture is starving to death. Kallu is a farmer. He has 4 acres of land and yet could not provide for his family.Farmers like Kallu migrate to seek work as a labourer.  If Kallu had to be away, his children were to work in the fields by dropping out of their schools. But these are not the only problems these farmers face… Buying good quality seeds from the market is an expensive affair. So they turn to landlords. Our work with such people is from the root to the shoot. We have schooling programs for children as well as adults.  So that they can at least have the basic skills to read  and write enable them to meet their day to day needs. We impart knowledge to improve   skills so that Kallu can make his land fertile. Farmers like Sunanda who have no land are provided with goats as  a source of  steady income. We enable people like Sitaram to set up shops so that they too can stand on their feet. By Creating awareness on key issues we link them to their privileges from the government. We train the Key people to strengthen the government’s existing work. We bridge the Gap between the government and the communities through networking. And make them speak for their rights.

    Appreciating our work in the region, we were invited by the district authorities to monitor the MNREGA work in two Panchayats of Chikaldara block for a year in the Melghat region, Amravati District, Maharashtra. Empowering them to take leadership roles. And finally to ensure that  they continue to work towards their progress by establishing ‘Korku Adivasi Sangathan’ (Korku Tribal Committee)


  • Parivartan

    Published on Sep 18, 2014

    EFICOR’s Parivartan Child Survival project was implemented in Sahibganj district, Jharkhand, India to reduce mortality among mothers, newborns and children under the age of five through building and sustaining community capacity. It improved access to quality health services – maternal and newborn care, nutrition, prevention and proper treatment of infectious diseases among mothers and children and care seeking behavior of the community.

    The project benefitted 3.51 lakh women and children of the Sahibganj district consisting of nine blocks and 1307 villages. 3,249 children’s lives were saved during the five year period of Parivartan’s efforts . Lives Saved Analysis was performed using the Bellagio Group Methodology to quantify the number of children’s lives.

    EFICOR won the PMI India Award 2014 for the ‘Parivartan’ Child Survival Project, the highest recognition for the project management community in the country at the Project Management National Conference, India 2014 held at HICC, Hyderabad from 11-13th September 2014.

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Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition EFICOR has been working with the Government to bring about better health, hygiene and...

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Climate Change

EFICOR builds community based methods to address negative impacts of climate change and facilitates community based practices to respond and...

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Training and Capacity Building  EFICOR engages in Training and Capacity building to enhance knowledge and skills and to influence change...

  • Disabled from birth, Roopak lost his wife while giving birth to their son in Bihar.  Due to poor financial situation, Roopak migrated to Delhi with a hope of employment, leaving his son behind to be cared by his parents-in-law.  Having passed 12th standard and with 60% disability, finding a job was a challenge for him.  He had hoped to get...

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  • Parag owns 3 bighas (0.75 acre) of land.  He is a hard working man spending all his time cultivating wheat and horse gram in 2 bears (1/2 acre) which did not meet his household needs.  So he would send his married son to work in Delhi and Punjab for three to six months while his daughter in law and four...

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  • CGMP Bhavan, Panki, Palamu, Jharkhand is one of EFICOR’s partners implementing the Parivartan programme.  The organisation found Kawa Tola village, 13 kms away from Panki Block, in Palamu District to be one of the poorest villages. The people from the village belonging to Oraon tribe earn their living as labourers.    CGMP  found that during summers there was no safe drinking...

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